Morgan Craig

Morgan Craig, PhD, is a Researcher at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Université de Montréal. She was a postdoc at Harvard University working under Dr. Alison Hill after having receiving her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Drs. Fahima Nekka and Michael Mackey (McGill University). The Quantitative and Translational Medicine Laboratory that she runs focuses on the application and implementation of quantitative approaches, particularly computational biology, to study how heterogeneity impacts on disease and treatment outcomes. Her research focuses on the development of predictive, mechanistic models in a variety of disease contexts to identify pathophysiological mechanisms and tailor therapeutic regimens according to patient-specific characteristics. Dr. Craig’s research is highly multidisciplinary and is conducted in close collaboration with experimentalists and clinicians.

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