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Quantitative sciences play an increasingly critical role in meeting the challenges that the world faces. From epidemiological applications for COVID-19, to modelling of climate change, machine learning and computational applications in finance, the applications of mathematics, statistics and computational sciences affect people’s lives in ways that we do not often recognize. This has opened up a very rich array of job opportunities for people with an interest and aptitude for these areas. The Career and Innovation Hub seeks to facilitate the entry of students into industry by connecting opportunities with talent.

The CIH program is designed with these three objectives: 

1. Provide a forum for industry experts to discuss current trends in the fields and highlight domain-specific expertise that is especially valued in the job market; 

2. Graduates in STEM fields are given the opportunity to showcase their individual skills through activities like poster sessions, hackathon, etc.; 

3. Leaders from academia share new and exciting research with the potential to transform industries in their areas.

To achieve these objectives, the CIH program includes …

– presentations from academia and industry

– panel discussions

– poster sessions

– hackathons

– video contests

– drop-in office hours for professional development 

For more details, see our events page.

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