Mathematics of Climate Change

The Mathematics of Climate Change online event is scheduled for December 3rd, 2021 from 10AM – 1PM Mountain time. The event is free but registration is mandatory.

Event Description

Understanding and mitigating the effects of a changing climate stands to be a major societal, scientific, and industrial challenge of the 21st century, requiring contributions from across the sciences and engineering disciplines.  As governments and industry are adapting to this reality, new opportunities are opening for careers in many fields, both adapting to the impacts of climate change and working to mitigate changes through the development of green technology and energy.  Many of these careers, however, do not align with traditional academic disciplines, either because of the “niche” expertise needed or because they rely on inherently inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches to these challenges.  Given that, it is important and timely to ask “what skills from the mathematical sciences are important for careers in climate change?”.

This workshop features speakers from government and industry whose work now has a focus on questions surrounding climate change.  Their presentations will highlight both the areas of the mathematical sciences that are most relevant in their work, as well as how the skills they learned in their studies have informed their work in this area.  Topics will include adapting existing technologies to support transitions to green energy, and modelling the effects of changing climate on the world around us.  In addition to these presentations, an open Q&A session will be held, to allow a broader discussion of how the mathematical sciences play a role in this critical area.


Dave Molton

Los Alamos Lab

Additional speakers TBA

Schedule – TBA

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