Deirdre Haskell

Deirdre Haskell was born in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1963. She moved to England in 1974, where she went to school and university, completing her BA at Oxford University in 1984. She moved back across the Atlantic to pursue a PhD at Stanford University, awarded in 1990, and back once more for a postdoctoral fellowship at Queen Mary College of the University of London.  A final transatlantic move took her to the College of the Holy Cross in her first tenure-track position. Another country then beckoned, and she moved to Canada in 2000, where she was promoted to full professor and served several terms as associate chair (undergraduate) of the Mathematics and Statistics department. She is now serving as the Deputy Director of the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences. During her career, she has organised many international conferences. She has served on committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic, on the editorial board of the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, and is currently a managing editor of Math Logic Quarterly.

Dr. Haskell’s research in model-theoretic algebra has been supported by grants from the NSF and NSERC.  In her work, she applies the techniques of model theory, which studies algebraic structures in a very general setting, to the examination of particular algebraic structures especially valued fields. When not doing mathematics, she enjoys skiing, sailing, and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

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