CIH 2020 Program

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes. With global economic downturns, extensive job losses and travel restrictions, finding a fulfilling career may seem an impossible dream to many young people. As we adapt to evolving circumstances, analytically strong disciplines like mathematics, statistics and computer science play ever more central roles in ensuring our safety, health, quality of life and ability to connect with others socially and intellectually.

Our position is that, in spite of the obvious challenges, it is also a time of tremendous opportunity for two distinct sectors, each trying to tap into the potential of the other. One is the nation’s young upcoming workforce specializing in the basic and applied sciences, especially those who enjoy a range of mathematical, computational and analytical skills. The other consists of Canadian companies in emerging fields, who are looking to recruit new talent with strong quantitative skills in mathematics and statistics and capable of thinking outside the box in these unprecedented times.

The Career and Innovation Hub has three main goals. One goal is to allow industry to present needs and opportunities in their workforce and to make contact with potential highly qualified personnel. The second is to showcase the skills that graduates in mathematics and statistics can bring to the workforce to allow high-level data analysis, process optimization, and planning. Yet another objective is to highlight the new and exciting research currently underway in academia that has the potential to transform certain industrial sectors.

The Program

2-3 hour virtual interactive zoom meetings hosted once per month beginning October 16, 2020. Each meeting will showcase specific strengths in Canada’s industrial landscape. The goal is to connect graduating students and finishing postdocs in mathematics, statistics and related disciplines with a wide swathe of industrial partners who are involved in cutting edge research, development and production. Meetings will be live-streamed and recorded.

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