Dr. Anna Sher

Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

Anna Sher, MD, PhD is a Senior Principal Scientist in the Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Group at Pfizer. Anna received her MBBS (MD equivalent) from Imperial College London Medical School and a DPhil (PhD equivalent) in Computational Biology from the University of Oxford. Her doctorate work with Professors David Gavaghan and Denis Noble focused on modeling local calcium dynamics in heart muscle cells to gain insight into the role of the sodium-calcium exchanger in cardiomyocyte function. She continued postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford as part of the EU preDICT project to develop mathematical models of drug action in ventricular electrophysiology at the cellular level to assess pro-arrhythmic risk at the whole heart level. At Pfizer, Anna leads cardiometabolic and hyperinsulinemia modeling efforts to support drug discovery and development programs at both preclinical and clinical stages.

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