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Quantitative sciences play an increasingly critical role in meeting the challenges that the world faces. From epidemiological applications for COVID-19, to modelling of climate change, machine learning and computational applications in finance, the applications of mathematics, statistics and computational sciences affect people’s lives in ways that we do not often recognize. This has opened up a very rich array of job opportunities for people with an interest and aptitude for these areas. The Career and Innovation Hub seeks to facilitate the entry of students into industry by connecting opportunities with talent.

The CIH program is designed with these three objectives: 

1. Provide a forum for industry experts to discuss current trends in the fields and highlight domain-specific expertise that is especially valued in the job market; 

2. Graduates in STEM fields are given the opportunity to showcase their individual skills through activities like poster sessions, hackathon, etc.; 

3. Leaders from academia share new and exciting research with the potential to transform industries in their areas.

To achieve these objectives, the CIH program includes …

– presentations from academia and industry 

– panel discussions

– poster sessions

– hackathons

– video contests

– drop-in office hours for professional development 

For more details, see our events page.

The Program

The 2021/2022 CIH program will have both online and in-person components. 

Events in 2021 will be 2-3 hour virtual interactive zoom meetings on November 12 and December 3. Each meeting will showcase specific strengths in Canada’s industrial landscape. The goal is to connect graduating students and finishing postdocs in mathematics, statistics and related disciplines with a wide swathe of industrial partners who are involved in cutting edge research, development and production. Meetings will be live-streamed and recorded.

Events in 2022 may have both virtual and in-person components. Please check back here to see individual program plans as they develop. 

Events are free but registration is mandatory due to space constraints.

Organizing Committee

Kristine Bauer

Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Calgary Site Director, PIMS

Morgan Craig

Researcher, Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre | Link to Morgan’s Lab

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, Université de Montréal

Deirdre Haskell

Deputy Director, The Fields Institute

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster

Scott MacLachlan

Professor of Mathematics, Memorial University | Scott’s webpage

Vakhtang Poutkaradze

Professor of Mathematics & Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

Vice President, Transformation, Science and Technology at ATCO Group

Malabika Pramanik

Professor of Mathematics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Scientific Director, Banff International Research Station

Anna Sher

Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer

Max Turgeon

Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of Manitoba | Webpage

My main research interest is dimension reduction for complex high-dimensional data. I develop methods that leverage the structure present in the data to mitigate the “curse of dimensionality”.

Rebecca Tyson

Professor of Mathematics, University of British Columbia Okanagan

President-elect, Canadian Applied Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS)

Sherry Zhao

Senior Account Manager and Team Lead for BC & Yukon, MITACS

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